Our company

Our mission

Castello, as we have named our workshop, is a journey we started long ago, aiming to professionally share our creative craze always found in abundance in the kitchen of our home.

Focusing on the home made factor of our products and sorting recipes as a map to new delicious journeys, we combined the beauty of tradition with the exciting colors of innovation and originality, thus kneading product lines that were always fresh and modern, designed to meet all requirements.

Today, almost twenty years later, incorporating our family and home-made culture to our professional experience and know-how, we offer a wide range of products that combine the benefits of modern mass production, such as standardization and safety, with the traditional handmade way. We consider our ready dough business as an opportunity to be creative in our own personal way only for all of you who love and deserve the best!

Our values

Since the beginning of Castello we always wanted our products to be the fruit of our personal and meaningful dedication, thus we insist on the handmade way of production, using traditional recipes we have already tried and enjoyed at home.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to shift the perception that regards pre-made and mainly frozen products as second-class alternatives, lacking quality and taste compared to home-made food.

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Our partnerships

We work with some of the largest Super Market chains operating in Greece, for both our Castello and Private Label products, along with selected Delicatessen and Mini Markets in and around the Attica region. At the same time we are the selected suppliers of various catering companies (for either events, ships or airplanes), fast-food restaurants...

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Quality certification

Food Safety Management System
ISO 22000: 2018

Πιστοποιητικό ISO 22000:2018