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Weight/DimensionsWeight/Dimensions 4-5cm / 8-8,5g
PackingPacking 2500 kg/300 τμχ /κιβ / 54κβτ/παλ
MicrowaveMicrowave 1000W / 20sec
OvenOven 180oC /8min
DefrostingDefrosting 30min

Serving Suggestions

Allow the pancakes to defrost for 30 minutes or alternatively reheat them in the oven or microwave (depending on the filling), add the filling and the toppings of your choice and serve. Besides presenting them as pancakes, dare to create your traditional Greek dessert ''loukoumas'' by deep frying them and adding honey and feta cheese!

Pancakes Mini 500

Code number : 15021

Our new product, mini Pancakes, came to impress you with their super taste and shape! As small as a bite, you can use them to create the ultimate take away/delivery snack or the ideal treat to share, at all hours of the day. Use your imagination playfully and fill your glasses, bowls or plates with the pancake bites, add all kinds of your favorite toppings and diversify your menu, offering the most trending suggestion.